diary entry no. 2

I am beginning to wonder if consciousness is just a continual flow between past and present, a flow that has movement towards hoping for the future. In our situation imagination, memory and perception seem to involve a kind of placelessness in the misplacement of objects and people. This is the mirage. We are all beginning to see things that are and are not actually there.

Maybe this is intensified because of the stories we are retelling at night, before we sleep. We all seem to have a store of survival stories. And even thought they are sometimes bleak and unbelievable, there is hope in each of the situations for rescue. They seem to be giving us a structure to understand our possible future choices. I see that we are creating models from these stories, the kinds of models that build moral principles for our necessary collective.

There is also the absurdity factor that is taking over our afternoons. The uses we find for things have become both entertainment and strategy. By playing a game with the utility of objects we keep ourselves lucid.

Our lives in this environment are improvisational. Our civil habits have been altered and reconfigured. It is amazing what one will come up with, given the situation.

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