The small crew of the  pilot series "Mythologists: Investigate" departed the Crystal airport bound for Alexandria, MN to begin shooting an episode of their program.  The series was to serve as a fantastical journalistic endeavor, investigating local mythology and folklore.  Often, the series sought to explore the evolution or mutation of old world mythologies and how they have or have not adapted to or been influenced by contemporary American culture.  
This particular episode was to investigate a central Minnesota-Nordic myth/prophecy involving the emergence of Niflheim, the Nordic purgatory of ice and mist, in a paranormal/geographic triangle falling on the winter solstice.  In Alexanderia, they were scheduled to meet with several Runestoneologists, local amateur experts in the study of the mythic stones supposed to be  left by Eric the Red in the 15th Century.  

Their plane dissapeared from radar on December 20th, 2007.

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